Aaron Fink

Aaron Fink, Boston U.S.A., born 1955

The subjects of Aaron Fink’s paintings are unremarkable; recurring motifs include melting scoops of ice cream, ceramic mugs, kernels of popcorn, slices of apple pie, fedoras, and sandwiches. In fact, Fink’s simple subjects belie his complex painting process: each work is comprised of multiple layers of paint, which Fink manipulates by squeegeeing, raking, or rinsing the surface until they begin to meld. When he chooses an image to paint, he creates multiple versions of it, with variations in size and color palette: “After I’ve worked with an object for a while, it becomes more of a vehicle for exploring the painting medium itself.

Minuut van Ineke nr.11 – Aaron Fink

Aaron Fink , American, geboren in Boston 1955 Twee dobbelstenen, olieverf op doek, verwrongen perspectief met durf geschilderd ! Een mooi schilderij !
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